We know it is really important for you and your business to grow and develop. Many of our clients recognise this, but need the help of a fresh pair of eyes to allow them to see clearly, what the business issues are for them.
Our consulting service enables you to bounce ideas around with our experienced practioners. Together we will identify opportunities for change and potential barriers to continuing success.
We fully appreciate that you are the experts in your business and really understand the issues pertinent to you. However, PDP consulting services brings 30 years of experience in dealing with a wide range of issues across the public, private and not-for-profit sector. Let us combine both elements to develop your business further.

Programme Design

Following consultation and knowing your business objectives, we will design stimulating, interesting and enjoyable programmes. We will ensure they are challenging to motivate the delegate and appeal to a range of learning styles.
From our vast experience of developing a wide variety of training programmes, we have a considerable range of ‘soft skill’ courses available, which we can adapt to help companies meet their staffing needs or address current issues. Alternatively, a large percentage of our programme design business, is writing bespoke training courses in close partnership with the organisations’ concerned. These have included focused areas such as technical competency training, management development and courses to cover organisations’ vicarious liabilities.
The depth and breadth of the programme design and resourcing will be tailored to fit your budget.

Training Delivery

PDP is enormously proud of the way in which we deliver our training products.  In the last 15 years, we have provided courses for more than 20,000 delegates.  We know from the feedback we receive that our methods are engaging and well received.

We actively encourage delegates to participate in their learning, by varying our methods of delivery, from group discussions, small focus groups to pairs and trios, as well as individual work.  We ensure our training is relevant to the workplace, by utilising business simulations, video clips and practical tasks.  

Our bite size courses offer an insight into a range of topics.  Our day courses allow colleagues to explore new concepts in a safe but challenging way, and take this learning back into the workplace and apply it.  Our longer training events encourage a deeper analysis of topics, and enable delegates to blend this knowledge with their current and developing skill base.  

Executive Coaching

PDP will not give you the answers as you are the experts in your field.  However, we will put you in a position where you can see the mist rising, and where possible solutions become visible.  Our expert coaches have worked with a spectrum of individuals from Chief Executives, Head Teachers and colleagues at all grades of management.
Our objective is to let you be clear about yours!  Many of us are really task focused and work in areas where delivery is the paramount raison d’etre. We will ask you to step away, to press pause, to walk around the issue and then select the most useful courses of action.
As a company, we value the coaching process highly, and offer on-going support once a senior manager has gone through the process with us.  Due to this, PDP has seen the dramatic effect of what happens, when organisations develop a coaching culture within themselves.

Train the Trainer

PDP would love to come into your business and take on all of your training!  However, it may be more cost effective and sustainable for us to train your people in the work place to deliver messages for the company.  
This intervention can be multi-layered from redesigning your internal programmes, up-skilling staff, boosting the confidence of individuals or the morale of a team.  PDP can coach, shadow and mentor people ‘new’ to delivering training. We have been involved in educating and training throughout our careers, as you can see from our profiles.
During the Olympic Games of 2012, Richard used this methodology to train 150 service men and women, in order for the knowledge to be cascaded to 12,500 Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.  This was the most effective way to ensure the Games were secure, whilst providing high levels of customer care. How do you think they did?
Paula has been responsible for training, mentoring, coaching and assessing graduate and overseas teachers, as well as other educational personnel so that they are qualified to teach in the UK.    This ensures they have the necessary knowledge base and professionalism needed to be effective in the workplace.

Assessment Centres

Many of our clients work in expanding successful businesses. They know that this growth is driven by recruiting and promoting the best people. In partnership with your business, we will explore the best fit for you.

A ‘typical’ assessment centre process is that we agree the outcomes needed with you, the level of resourcing and the time required to run the centre. We will use your behavioural competency framework as the basis of the assessment.

Our clients select whether they want in house assessors, our experienced assessors or a blend of both. Where in house assessors are used, we will deliver a one day training programme to ensure consistency across all of the team, raising skills and awareness to ensure safe reliable selection.

The assessment centres themselves, are usually focused on a carousel of activities, with individuals being assessed by several in house observers and/or our team. Members of PDP will facilitate the event, to ensure fair play and safe selection.

The candidates will be graded numerically according to their performance, from a rich body of evidence provided by the assessors to ensure an objective outcome and quantifiable results.  As part of the training process we will equip assessors with skills to deliver feedback to all the candidates in a uniform, professional and personal manner.

Team Events

We LOVE these! 
There are many reasons why an organisation wants a team-building event, and so we will come to your offices and talk about outcomes and methodologies.
Our Team days are great fun, challenging and appropriate to the audience. We devise events that meet your business and personnel objectives but in ways that interest the audience.  Many organisations recognise the diverse nature of their staff and want programmes to be inclusive, that’s our challenge! 
The events can take place at your business site or an external venue.  We also offer outward bounds events.  Our team events have been from groups of 12 to the PDP record of 1230 in a day!  We managed and delivered work for the volunteers and armed forces for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games which comprised of more than 32 days of team events each with a minimum of 250 delegates.
PDP’s Team Days are stimulating, worthwhile and cost effective.


Several clients have come to us with issues around specific business direction.   We have been able to consult with the client and understand their needs, which allowed us to facilitate sessions to move the business forward.
Our preferred methodology is to act as a catalyst for development, allowing teams to see business issues from a 360-degree view. Our aim is to move your team and culture past sticking points, using a vast array of techniques including comparison of pairs, fish bones, brainstorming, reverse brain storming, objective setting, influencing skills, push and pull techniques, assertiveness and many more.  
As facilitators, PDP builds arenas of trust and ensures there are clear guidelines of how participants should interact with one another.  This allows all participants to feel heard and that their opinions have been taken into consideration.
An example of our recent work, involved facilitating a 3-day event with a Vice President and his senior managers from around the world, to help design a five year plan to meet company targets and objectives.

Personal Coaching

We offer 1:1 coaching in areas of work related coaching and individual development.

Coaching is a tool used in business to aid the development of senior managers and leaders, but is not effectively offered to those elsewhere in the business.  This is a service which allows us, as an external voice, to support the client in exploring the range of options open to them and subsequently supporting the development of new skills.

Work based coaching includes negotiating career changes, gaining confidence and skills to return to work after a period of time out, stress management, building work based relationships and networks.  

Individual development coaching overlaps with the above, but no one knows the real you! You are a complex person and have the ability to share the parts you want others to see in a given situation …… or do you?

Are you skillful at reading interactions? Can you present yourself in the best light at the beginning of a new relationship?  Or is there a default factory setting, in which you always respond in the same way? This means you can’t hide your shyness, lack of conversation and nervousness.

Let’s meet for a coffee and discuss how personal coaching could help you.

We must stress this is coaching and NOT counselling.   The length and number of sessions are determined between the client and the coach.  Coaching can take place in an agreed venue, or via the telephone or skype.