Notes from a party

How awkward is it walking into a party as a couple when you don’t know many people? Do you smile manically at anyone looking your way,or ignore everyone and begin an animated conversation between yourselves and make it appear interesting to anyone looking your way? How much more difficult is it if you go to the party alone?

Alone at a party

Emotionally lost in Wonderland


In the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice asked the cat “which way” she should go, and he replied that it depended “a good deal on where you want to get to”.  When you think about dating, do you have an end goal?  Do you see yourself as just meeting someone half decent, or are you clear on age, financial security, interests, geographical area, job etc. A third alternative is simply going through the motions of preparing for dating, but having no real belief that it will work for you.

Alice in Wonderland image

Is it better to be open to suggestion like Alice or having your sights firmly set on your ideal man or woman?.  Are you guided to what  you want, by the questions asked by dating websites, agencies, questionnaires, friends suggestions or trends?  Or do you create a façade, as you don’t believe you’ll really get who you want, if you act as yourself and tell the boring truth?



The Cat tells Alice that if she doesn’t much care where she gets to, then it wouldn’t matter what way she went, because she’d get somewhere in the end, if only she walked “long enough”.  Are you still walking and looking for  the right person for you?  Whichever is the method you choose is fine, as long as you are honest with yourself about who you are, your strengths and faults and be proud of the person you are, warts and all!       cat - Alice in Wonderland

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could be themselves?

My six year old daughter recently said “People should be themselves and stop copying other people”.  Although she was talking about school and her friends, it struck me this happens with grown ups too..

I work in the field of training and consultancy, in which we are supporting personal development at a range of levels.  it struck me that my daughter’s comment also applies to adults engaging in the dating scene.

These blogs will be my notebook as I explore this further.